Welcome to B.V. Kennemervis Groep

The B.V. Kennemervis Group is a company established in the Netherlands with 11 branches and 6 companies in Western Europe and operates in processing, trade and distribution of fish and fish products. The company was founded more than 75 years ago and has developed into a leading supplier of a wide range of fresh, deep-frozen and pre-processed fish and fish products.

What is more important than figures, however, is that each of these companies contributes its focus, expertise and experience in specific market sectors to the greater whole of the Kennemervis Group. Together with the passion and dedication of more than 330 employees. These employees share a common vision and a mission they all contribute to. In this way, they collaborate, facilitate cross-pollination and enhance the joint potential to offer customers a high-quality product and an often tailor-made service. Furthermore, for the group, sustainability is not only a concept inextricably bound up with fish as a product. Sustainability likewise applies to the nature of the relationships we strive for with both customers and suppliers.

The activities focus on various market sectors, such as fish and seafood specialty shops, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, catering, wholesale, street market trading, as well as the institutional market sector.
Fish is in our genes

We know the world of fish inside out. This is not only true for the people who take daily care of purchasing, processing and distribution, but also for the salespeople and other employees you speak to. The Kennemervis Group specialists know the situation you work in and they are happy to help you. Fish is in our people’s genes.



Behind the scenes